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The Unique Collection of Candid Experiments

by Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony

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g. a wonderful collection of noises and recordings from drones to guitars and radio playback to a coughing fit to static. thoroughly enjoyed the magical mystery tour. thank you.

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    Approx c90 cassette, no telling whats on it, but it'll be weird and ambient for the most part I expect. I know one of them has about 5 minutes of hoovering on it, another has some long organ jams and I play the cactus on one of them. I think there's a 144-bar blues on one. Probably some throat singing, definitely some guitar noodling. Who knows. Roll the dice I guess.

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Over the course of the last few years, Charlie has gotten into the habit of leaving a tape recorder next to their guitar/amp/instruments and hitting record when interesting sounds emerge. As a result, there is now an archive of 90-minute cassettes, each with collection of sounds ranging from rehearsals of complete compositions, botched aural experiments, deep drones, harsh noise, guitar and organ meanderings, spoken word vignettes and everyday house sounds. Each represents a unique snapshot of where ZGTC practise has been at a given time and is imbued with a spontaneity and intimacy that is always present in the ZGTC back catalogue, albeit in a rougher, perhaps more challenging format. Each is unique and each is the only copy that exists.


released September 12, 2020



Liquid Library Bristol, UK

Always low cost and always low fidelity. Music for whatever the opposite of the masses is.


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