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    See description, 4 tapes and a CDr. If you got one or two of these feel free to mention let us know and I can swap some out for something else lying around

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OK so charlie has a few albums/EPs lying around that we still have a handful of copies for and a lot of them seem to be scuzzy improvised psychedelic noise so I figured I'd pile them all into a bundle to try and clear some space under my bed with a reduced price on the fuckers. They're all well good, though, honest. All are available individually from us and you can download them for free as well. Included in the bundle:

Worker Vs Parasite - Botched Attempts at Transendence CDr
Worker vs Parasite - Teleconference Communion Cassette
ZGTC/FRSP Split Cassette
TBC/Scorched Mess Band Cassette
Angry Exotica - Live at the Post Modern/Live at the Regent Cassette

That's like nearly 4 hours of quasi-mystical fuzz, hiss, drone and cacophony for 15 quid, can't say fairer than that!


released August 19, 2020



Liquid Library Bristol, UK

Always low cost and always low fidelity. Music for whatever the opposite of the masses is.


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